In April 2016, my wife Ellen and I made this beautiful trip to Namibia. A round trip that is. A superb holiday, with a visit to Tivoli Astrofarm. I used The Starfire to capture Centaurus A. Next to that, my Vixen GP, Star71 apo refractor with a Nikon D810a were taken from home to take advantage of all other clear nights around our short stay at Tivoli’s. We will be back!

Click this image for a stunning panorama. Scroll around to see a full 360 degrees view!
The Picture is made at Camp Kipwe, Namibia, a beautiful lodge!
All panorama’s were taken 16 x 30 sec. exposures with a Nikon D810a and 10.5 f2.8 Nikon fisheye. Processed in PtGui and made broadcast ready with Pano2VR.

This image, or rather series of images, is taken at the observatory at Tivoli astrofarm at the far end of the lot. Click on it!

Nice view with the palm trees as a backdrop at Tivoli. Click for virtual tour.