The “Great American Eclips” lead us (Ellen and I) to the beautiful Glendo State Park, Wyoming. We had three options in mind, but chose for Glendo when the weather predictions took shape went green for that region.

So off we went, with our base station located in Cheyenne, some 1.5 hrs. away. We left just before 3 in the morning to be ahead of traffic, but Interstate 25 was allready packed with cars, just able to get things running at 80 mph. We found most of the cars going to the airport where a observatory field was planned.
So we were surpriced to be ahead of schedule at “our spot” which we found to be pretty good the day before, when scouting for it.
I even had time to do a polar alignment, which is awesome if you ever tried to do that at daytime.
We had a beautifull clear sky and had a blast at totality.
A nice swim after last contact to complete the eclips for a composition for all stages and off we went again. This time it took us 4 hrs or so to get back to the hotel due to terrible traffic.

But hey, we got the t-shirt! 🙂

I didn’t want to go too complicated with equipment, so all images were taken with a TS Star 71 APO. Camera: Fuji XT2 and 2x extender. During totality some without extender. Mount: Vixen GP.

I’ll post more pics of surroundings later on!