GSO 12 inch Ritchey Chretien

An astrograph for imaging.
Mostley used with a QSI583WSG & SXV-AOL active optics. This scope is modified to separate main mirror and focusser to get optimal alignment. Most of the time a reducer is put in place to reduce to about 1600 mm. focal lenght @ f5.5.

Takahashi FSQ 106

A quadruplet APO refractor astrograph.
This is top of the line equipment. Equipped with a robofocus unit.

TS Star 71 APO

This little beast looks tiny, but covers a full frame ccd! 5 lenses being used in this scope and can be equipped with a DIY SGL motor focusser. Some modifying to be able to use an off axis guider for the use of a DSLR, since backfocus out of factory is very short..



One of the first samples made by this brand and still going strong. Produced with an internal fitlerwheel, still being able to cover it’s ccd with 31,75 mm. filters. The “G” stands for an internal off axis guider, making this camera very handy in use.

Starlight Xpress SXVH35

Full frame ccd camera with the famous “11k” kodak sensor. Provided with a Starlight Xpress filterwheel. Astrodon 3 nm. Halpha & Baader LRGB filterset in the wheel.

Nikon D810a

Very nice camera. Comes in handy in the field. The “a” stands for extra sensitivity in the halpha region of the spectrum.

Orion SSAG

Simple autoguider, now used for an allsky camera.

Starlight Xpress Lodestar

World famous for it’s great sensitivity but also it’s lousy ST4 connector.


Mesu mount 200

With Sitech II controller. Great tracking, great load capacity.

Gemini G42 observatory with Pulsar 1

Very nice mount, only used remotely. Havent used the handbox in ages, probably this is a good sign. Very reliable mount with superb precision.

Skywatcher AZEQ6GT

Smaller mount but great features and also transportable for fieldwork. Mounted in the observatory on a steel pier. Tripod used on location. Nice set with the Takahashi FSQ106.

Vixen GP

This mount has seen 4 continents. Goes with me in the suitcase. Perfect match for airplane trips, together with the Star 71 APO. Controlled via EQMOD.