Since September 4th 2019, my allsky camera has the EN99 network code.
The camera is a ZWO ASI 183mc, The lens a Fujinon 2,7 fisheye. Software used is AllskEye. This makes a perfect combination for automated observations.

A “live” image can be found here.

In September 2017 a big fireball lit up the sky in Holland. Because of its time of appearance, a lot of people saw this beauty go across the sky. This image was picked up by the national TV and a lot of papers and online media published it.


Captured this big fireball in between showers.

Some startrails made with a few hours of clear sky data.

A composite image of some Perseids in 2017.

2019′ lunar eclips. Totality starts at around 05:45 hrs local time.

The day after the 2019 lunar eclips we got the Moon’s revenge! Some great halos around the Moon especially at the end of the night.