Since September 4th 2019, my allsky camera has the EN99 network code.
The camera is a ZWO ASI 183mc, The lens a Fujinon 2,7 fisheye. Software used is AllskEye. This makes a perfect combination for automated observations.

A “live” image can be found here.

earthgrazer meteor

The earthgrazing meteoroid of september 22, 2020. A Jupiter family meteoroid entered the atmosphere and bounced back into space. It was visible from Germany to as far as the UK. Lowest altitude was 91 km.The “chopped” trail is caused by an integrated shutter to determain its velocity.

In September 2017 a big fireball lit up the sky in Holland. Because of its time of appearance, a lot of people saw this beauty go across the sky. This image was picked up by the national TV and a lot of papers and online media published it.


Captured this big fireball in between showers.

Some startrails made with a few hours of clear sky data.

A composite image of some Perseids in 2017.

2019′ lunar eclips. Totality starts at around 05:45 hrs local time.

The day after the 2019 lunar eclips we got the Moon’s revenge! Some great halos around the Moon especially at the end of the night.