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New: Aurora hunt 2020!

Latest image: earthgrazing meteoroid

The earthgrazing meteoroid of september 22nd 2020. A jupiter family meteoroid entered the atmosphere and bounced back in space. Lowest altitude was 91 km.


The weirdest names pop up for deepsky nebulae. Astronomers gave this one “the Monkeyhead nebula”. Yes…no… ok, maybe a bit. Well, maybe you have to click on it….
This two pane mosaic shows the blue beauty of the Cocoon nebula and lots of dark nabulae as well!
Selfie made at Tivoli Astrofarm, Namibia under the best stargazing conditions ever!

Going to Namibia: pictures from our 2018 journey to the Namibian desert.

scroll through 360 degrees virtual panoramas to be on the front row! More on the Namibian page!


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